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If you are looking for an easy to use video editing tool, without spending a lot of time in learning it, openshot video editor is going to be the best tool for you. Openshot video editor open source openshot video editor is yet another great open source video editing tool, available for windows, linux, and mac. Quite possibly the oldest film editor tool on the market, lightworks is an emmy awardwinning open source video editor. The 3 best opensource video editors help desk geek. One is the normal video editor closed source which offers all the basic functionalities like cropping, rendering speed, adding a soundtrack and so on. Open source text editor, sequoia open source erp, source edit, and many more programs.

Lightworks is the best free video editing software for anyone who wants to create professionalquality movies and videos without paying a penny. Shotcut is a free and open source video editor for windows, mac and linux. Its one of those open source programs that really demonstrates how much a dedicated development community can improve a platform given time. It supports resolutions of up to 4000, both sd and hd formats, and is compatible with all major operating systems such as windows, mac osx, and linux. Be sure to also check out this updated 2018 look at the state of video editing on linux. Create videos with exciting video effects, titles, audio tracks, and animations. Vidcutter is an open source video editor for basic tasks. Shotcut is a free, opensource, crossplatform video editor.

Based on mlt, it features crossplatform capabilities in conjunction with the webvfx and movit plugins. Openshot is an awardwinning free and open source video editor for linux, mac, and windows. Openshot is an awardwinning free and opensource video editor for linux, mac, and windows. What is the best open source video editing software. It does not offer a plethora of features but it works for all the common tasks like clipping or cutting. Other category is an open source video editor which has a bit more professional touch than former. It supports a ton of audio and video formats and codecs thanks to ffmpeg. Openshot video editor free, open, and awardwinning. Videolan software is licensed under various open source licenses. If by best you mean most capable, then cinelerra and kino are probably at the top of the list. Video editing software can be divided into two basic categories.

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