Pdf ore deposits in sierrita mountians

Map of the pima mining district showing the principal openpit copper mines. The pima district is reached by a good road that runs southsouth westward from tucson for about 18. Grover was the vice president of heinrichs geoexploration, located in tucson, arizona. Little mountains is a minor mountain range about forty miles southwest of tucson, in pima county, arizona. Cyprus minerals company for copper, molybdenum, and rhenium, has a history of. Waveland press the geology of ore deposits by john m. Freeport mcmoran sierrita mine green valley, arizona. Ransome in ore deposits of the sierrita mountains of arizona, in u. Geochemical reconnaissance of the santa rita mountains. The pima district ore deposits of the sierrita mountains file is part of the grover heinrichs mining collection. Evolution of fractures and alteration in the sierrita. Tucson, along the eastern pediment of the sierrita mountains in pima county.

Most of the ore deposits of the southwest are associated with this igneous activity. Sunrise and sunshine mines, papago mining district, sierrita mountains, pima co. Mesozoic stratigraphy of the sierrita mountains, pima county, arizona. Small arizona town copes with freeport mine closure. Ore deposits of the sierrita mountains, pima county. Historically, the area has seen extensive mining and ranching activity. Geochemical reconnaissance of the santa rita mountains, southeast of tucson, arizona by harald drewes geological survey bulletin 65 trace elements in alluvium and altered rock, recognized by geologic investigation previously repotted indicate some areas of potential economic interest along faults or near ore associated intrusives. Pima district ore deposits of the sierrita mountains. The highest indium content and inzn ratio of individual ore deposits are 5,740 ppm and 22. Geologic map of the northern sierrita mountains pediment, pima county. The principal tungsten minerals found in arizona are the. The pima mining district, arizona new mexico geological society.

According to freeportmcmoran spokesman eric kinneberg, the blaze started at 11 a. The collection contains over 1,400 folders including economic geology reports, maps, photos, correspondence, drill logs and other related. Freeport mcmoran sierrita mine, green valley, arizona. Ransome, ore deposits of the sierrita mountains, pima county. It also encompasses bedrock hills on the southeastern flank of the sierrita mountains, extensive piedmont alluvial deposits, santa cruz river deposits, and. Tungsten deposits of arizona azgs document repository. The highest point in the mountains is keystone peak, which rises to 6,188 feet 1,886 m. The ore deposit at sierrita was first recorded in 1895 and first worked as an underground mine in 1907, according to freeport. Cooper 1971 concluded that the pimamission ore body rep resents the. This thesis focuses on the pima mining district 30 40km south southwest of tucson, with particular reference to the sierrita esperanza porphyry copper deposit included therein figures 1 and 2. A slowdown in chinas economy has begun to sting arizonas economy, lowering copper. State map of arizona showing the location of the sierrita deposit.

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